XPR Case Study

"I suffered a serious injury and cannot bend my neck and upper back to remove fence posts. The XPR...

Post Removal Made Easy!

Watch the Sevinn XPR pull a star post quick, safe and easy. XPR Post Remover Save your back...

SEVINN XPR at Henty Field Days

Did you visit SEVINN and view the XPR at the Henty Machinery Field Days? XPR Post Remover

A satisfied SEVINN customer at the Henty Machinery Field Days Expo purchased the first XPR. His story is what the XPR and SEVINN Quality Innovation is all about, highlighting just how OH&S-friendly the XPR can be.

XPR Post Remover in action

XPR Post Remover in action

A rural businessman, who many years ago suffered a neck injury, finds it impossible to use any other type of mechanical post remover because the nature of his injury prevents him from bending his neck and upper back to operate such devices. But because the XPR is operated purely by a simple low-loading foot action, he found this product to be the ideal answer to his needs. The XPR now allows him to get back out there and do the job fast, safe and smart!


XPR Post Remover

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