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"I suffered a serious injury and cannot bend my neck and upper back to remove fence posts. The XPR...

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SEVINN XPR at Henty Field Days

Did you visit SEVINN and view the XPR at the Henty Machinery Field Days? XPR Post Remover

XPR Fence Post Remover

XPR Fence Post Remover

SEVINN released the XPR at the Henty Machinery Field Days and gained strong recognition in September 2011.

The innovate XPR post remover met with very strong interest from a diverse group of potential users at the Field Days.

Over 60,000 people visited the Field Days over a three day period. With over 600 exhibitors it was one of the largest fairs in Australia and displayed new agricultural equipment and technology for farmers.

Visitors were able to make a closer, working inspection of the capabilities of this new technology purely because the rural-based industries are constantly faced with removing not just star pickets and other metal poles, but also hardwood spikes which are common in the regions.

Such industries include general farming and cultivating, large-scale agricultural, railways maintenance, public works, emergency services, construction and building, waste control, and general council work.

Read the Case Study!

Read the Case Study!

One interested party highlighted just how OH&S-friendly the XPR can be. A rural businessman, who many years ago suffered a neck injury, finds it impossible to use any other type of mechanical post remover because the nature of his injury prevents him from bending his neck and upper back to operate such devices. But because the XPR is operated purely by a simple low-loading foot action, he found this product to be the ideal answer to his needs.

Mr Tony Panrucker, CEO of Sevinn Pty Ltd (part of Sevaan Group) which designed and manufactures the internationally patented product, says the XPR has tapped a nerve in the rural and agricultural business sectors and does admit to some surprise at the huge level of interest the moment the XPR hit the market.

“Before we designed and patented the Sevinn XPR, our research showed there was a strong need for this type of product which allows very safe, simple and logical removal of star pickets and other poles, requiring virtually no effort,” said Mr Panrucker.

“But even our management team has been surprised by just how much demand there really is for a solution like the XPR.

“The Henty Field Days was the first time the XPR has been revealed in front of any public at all, let alone the business public.

“And our participation in this excellent show has allowed us to talk in person with potential users that span right across rural and agricultural industries and we are already fielding orders not just in NSW but in other states as well.”

“We count ourselves fortunate to have been able to take our technology to regional markets through an excellent show such as the Henty Field Days.”

The first of these modern Henty Field Days was held in 1963. The Field Days are now held at a permanent all-weather rural exhibition site with broad display avenues including a square kilometre (250 acres) of car parking and an on-site airstrip.


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