XPR Post Remover

Save your back and budget with the XPR, a simple, powerful and smart post puller.

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  • Weight: 4.4kg

  • Length: 34cm

    Width: 17cm

    Height: 14cm

XPR – Post Remover

Developed for fast, safe removal of fence posts and pickets regularly used in the agricultural industry, around building and construction sites, mines and quarries as well as public works environments.

The XPR’s very strong mechanical advantage allows safe and easy removal of Star Posts, Y-star Posts and T-sections. It works from ground-level requiring no human lift factor.

This mechanical product has absolutely no automation but delivers an extremely high level of mechanical advantage, requiring just minor exertion using one leg and protecting your back from unnecessary strain.

When positioned on ground, its friction blade digs into the periphery of the post at an acute angle and gives the post no option except to move upwards and out of the ground. Where expensive and complicated post pullers bend posts rendering them useless, the XPR Post Remover lifts posts straight out undamaged.

The XPR Post Remover requires no more energy or force than that required by a common foot pump used to inflate a bicycle tyre. It breaks the seal formed by the soil and moisture that holds the pole in place. Often, such posts have been in place for a very long time and thus become almost impossible to pull from the ground by hand because the friction is too strong.

In circumstances where a strong seal has in fact been formed, manual removal poses an OH&S risk for back and shoulders if there is over-exertion or the post suddenly comes free.

This OH&S friendly XPR solution has a very rugged but lightweight steel construction (weighs 4.4kg) and can be supplied in customised colour for end user purpose.

The XPR Post Remover carries an international patent in all the countries where patents are recognised.

Use the XPR Post Remover with additional patented products including: